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Frustrated with the Corrupt Music Industry?


When we started on our journey of learning the "ins" and "outs" of the music business we realized early on how corrupt, dishonest and essentially captured the music industry was.  What we mean by that is, we first realized terrestrial radio was run by one company in the US and was quickly expanding globally.  If you were not signed to a major label who essentially owned your music, you were not gonna get airplay. "Payola" has never really gone away. So, in order to get airplay, we turned to college radio, satellite radio and then internet radio. We formed relationships with satellite radio DJs that gave our music some spins. Slowly those DJs that were giving indies spins were replaced.  As years went on, we learned that satellite radio and most college radio stations were also monopolized. Then there was streaming which presented some opportunities to reach new listeners with all of the internet radio stations that were up and coming. Internet radio has evolved into playlists which can be "pay to play". Throwing money at opportunities turned out to be a dead end. The rules haven't changed just the form that music is delivered and consumed. 


In the early 2000's, we were lucky to land our music in a cartoon which came about through a relationship we had previously built with a painter from the mid-west, Billy Blob. We had admired his artwork (still do) and bought one of his paintings. Eventually that led to a friendly relationship. Billy Blob moved from conventional art to digital art and created a cartoon short which found its way into the Sundance Film Festival. This opportunity led us to learn and understand more about sync licensing, music publishing and the importance of owning and controlling your own music. We began to reach out directly to music supervisors, music clearance departments and publishing administrators. We bumped into one music publishing administrator that we developed a friendly working relationship with who shared some valuable lessons and opportunities with us. This led to several successful song placements with Showtime. 


The advice we can give you is to be yourself. Build relationships. Help each other. Reach out with genuine interest in projects that you think your music might be a good fit. Develop relationships with folks that are involved with projects you personally like. We don't see anything wrong with "cold calls" as long as you are reaching out with good intentions that benefits both parties (yourself and the music supervisors etc..) When reaching out be brief, direct, kind, and highlight that you own your own music and can make clearance easy and their job no sweat!  Find music supervisors on IMDB, LinkedIn, Alignable, Social Media, the end of credits in a movie you like, etc. 


All of our success has come from the relationships that we have built just by complementing others on their achievements, appreciating their accomplishments and sharing what we are working on with the ambition to work together. When we all work together, we all move forward and achieve together. 

The old music industry does not work for everyone.  The business of music is complex by design and intended to confuse, exhaust, and frustrate musicians.  Michael Jackson told us that change begins with "the man in the mirror". Real musicians are taking back their music business and blazing the trail into the future with their own agenda - retaining ownership and control of their music. Making their music, their business.

We got this! Keep going!

Why Does Metadata Matter?

Organized metadata can maximize your royalties, help fans find your music, and help music supervisors license your music. Whether its a search on Google, Spotify, Apple Music or any search engine, accurate metadata can help your music get discovered and get paid. Not having your metadata in order and plugged into the right agencies can lead to missed opportunities and even stolen intellectual property. Protect and police what you create.

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How do I license my music?

Great question!
There are some steps to take to get your music ready to license. You do want to have your music ready, because speed counts when it comes to licensing music.

Confirm writer names and splits, publisher names and splits, performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, etc.) for writers and publishers.
Splits meaning if you have 4 writers on a song and you split the song evenly, each writer has 25% (which adds up to 100%) for the writer share. If each writer has their own publisher, it's very likely the publishing splits would also be 25% each (which adds up to 100%).
Who owns the master/copyright? Does a record label or do you own your master/copyrights?
Are there any samples? Have you sorted out the writer, publisher, and/or master splits with the publisher(s) and master owner of the song you sampled? It is your job to know and if you don't, the music supervisor will move on because they need to be certain they can clear the song without any conflicts. Remember speed counts so have your ducks in order!
Is there a TV/FILM/GAME that you are interested in submitting your music to? Do some research and find the music supervisor or the folks that are in the music clearance department. Send a high quality recording that can be downloaded or streamed via a reliable file sharing company.

Always be polite and recognize that the folks you are pitching to are receiving a lot of inquiries so be aware of the limited time they will have to check out the tune(s).


We help artists monetize their music, collect worldwide royalties (current and retroactive) and pitch their music for licensing opportunities (we’ve placed on Indie Films, Showtime’s Shameless, Comedy Central, MTV among others). YOU retain ALL of your publishing. WE make sure you receive every penny from every platform, worldwide. This is a service but we keep our fees artist friendly. The bulk of our work is focused on the mountains of paperwork and digital documents required to register songs in such a way that artists can receive ALL POSSIBLE COMPENSATION for spins, plays, and usage online and in the media. This way, artists can focus on their music, and we do all the boring stuff required to help you succeed in a contemporary, digital landscape that evolves rapidly all the time. You made the music, now make sure you own it and get compensated for it! Start building your music business foundation!


We work with self published artists and ensure seamless and easy-to-license music without any clearance conflicts. We expedite the whole process and provide TV/Film/Game industry associates with exciting, new, carefully selected music that meets industry standards with 200% clearance.

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